Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ASOS Oasis Smooth Bangle Set

I have been into building up my jewelry collection lately, and one of the items I came across was this bangle set on  This is the Oasis brand Smooth Bangle Set that includes 8 individual bangles that can be worn separate or stacked together.

What I loved most about this set when I saw it online was the different details on each bangle.  They are a wide cute bangle without being too big, so they don't slip off my my wrists.  I also love the striped enamel detailing I get from wearing all of these together as a stack.  The different finishes of the bangles make them easy to pair with any outfit or any other accessories.

The design and detailing of the bracelets give that feminine and classic look that looks pretty expensive.  These can be worn with any casual outfit out during the day, or really dress up an evening look without being too flashy.

I have to say I was a little worried after placing my order on the quality of the bangles.  I wanted something that felt like a higher end set, and not bend or feel too light like the Forever21 bangles.  But I was quite surprised with the quality after getting these in the mail.  They have a nice weight to them and are constructed really well.

After looking at a few other pieces from oasis on, I think I have really grown to like the brand and their styles.  Might have to pick up a few more on my next order.



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