Thursday, August 16, 2012

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer

I have been so in love with my NARS Pro Prime foundation primer that I had forgotten that I had received a generous size of the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer at the start of the year.  When I find something that works, I tend to put off testing other products for a while.  But, seeing how my NARS primer has been loved a little too much (I am on my last few uses), I decided to give the Laura Mercier primer a test drive.

The Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer is a lightweight primer that is water based.  Like many other primers, the Laura Mercier primer works to create a smooth base on the skin before applying any foundation.  The water based formula works great for any dry patches, really hydrating the skin.  And the oil free formula works well for sensitive skin types.

The primer lives up the claims of being lightweight, and it does create a great canvas for foundation.  Although the water based formula does feel very hydrating, I cannot say that the formula works best in very hot weather.  When compared to my NARS Pro Prime, the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer does hold my makeup well in normal to warm weather.  But in temperatures reaching 90+ degrees and sunny skies, I find that it does not work as well as the NARS Pro Prime.  The formula is not as mattifying as the NARS Pro Primer and does take a bit to really seep into the skin.

I do believe that the Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer will be great to use during the colder seasons, but I will probably stick to my NARS Pro Primer for the summer time.


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