Monday, August 6, 2012

Circus by Andrea's Choice in Reverso

For me, one of the most essential colors to have in a nail polish collection is a nice, creamy white polish.  It's difficult to find a very creamy and opaque white polish for all of those french manicures, because consistency is everything.  I was sent this Circus polish by Andrea's Choice (one of YouTube's many makeup gurus) in the shade Reverso last month, and I was definitely excited to give it a try.

I absolutely love the cute packaging of the polish.  It definitely represents Andrea's quirky personality well.  Also, the brush size of the polish is perfect for polish application.

From the tube, it honestly looks like the creamiest white I have ever seen.  On first application, you can definitely tell that's it's going to be a very nice, opaque white.  Reverso applies almost completely opaque in one coat, but because it's so creamy and has a thicker consistency, two coats is needed to make an even application (without streaks).

I am definitely enjoying this shade of white, which is probably the most white polish I own, on my tanned skin.  As for the wear of the polish, I have to say I am a bit disappointed because the polish did chip on my figures after 3 days of wear.  I do have the polish on my toes also and they have not chipped on my toes yet, so it might be that the polish does not last with all of the things I do with my hands all day.

Even though I am a bit disappointed about the wear of the polish, I am too in love with the white to never wear it again.  So instead, I will keep it for my toes.



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