Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Michael Antonio Timber Platform Heels

I'm always in for a great deal, so when I saw this steal last weekend I could not resist, especially when it comes to shoes.  These Michael Antonio platform heels a classic, look that add drama to any look.  They are an open toe sandal with a vampy criss cross strap, which add a bit of stability and comfort to your feel.  The ankle strap and buckle closure on the heels give the shoes an added edge.

The heels are tall, 5" with the platform, so they are definitely not for any novice heel wearer.  However, any shoe with a platform is a bit more comfortable than a regular stiletto.  I absolutely would love to pair these with a pair of darker skinny jeans and casual top for that casual look out.

These Michael Antonio heels retail around $80, but I found them on my local Marshalls for $15 (definitely a steal for me).  I had forgotten how much fun it is looking for treasures at stores such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Definitely will be my go to shoes for the Fall season.



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