Thursday, August 23, 2012

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Tzarine

I have always been a fan of NARS products, especially when it comes to their primers and lipsticks.  They are infamous for their wide selection of beautiful blushes and eyeshadows.  I can say I am also a fan of the formula of their blushes, but I believe this is going to be my first ever NARS Eyeshadow purchase.

I have always heard great things about their eyeshadows and have always eyed their duos every time I pass the NARS counters.  However, because some of their shadows can be very shimmery, I have put off buying them for a while until I found a set I really liked.

After hearing so many great reviews on the NARS Tzarine Eyeshadow Duo and swatching the shades multiple times at the counter, I decided to finally pick the duo up and add it to my collection.

Tzarine is described as a platinum gold shadow with tiny gold and silver reflects and a beautiful steel grey.  The NARS shadows really live up to their reputation as being richly pigmented and having a smooth and beautiful application.  I was initially drawn to Tzarine because I honestly don't own many (or any) shadows like the steel grey in my shadow collection, and the two shades just compliment each other on the lid and crease very nicely.

With a light had you can apply the steel grey along the lash line for that clean and polished look for the day, and really build up the color for a smokey look for the evening.  This is definitely going to be one of my favorite shadow combinations for a while.




  1. great duo, i have only one because I'm not a big fan of shimmer but I might go check this one out in person and see if I like it enough to buy it!

    1. Definitely less shimmery than most of their other duos