Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August MyGlam Bag

I am surprised about how well I am keeping up with all of my posts lately, even though I know I am going to be slowing down a bit at the end of the month.  I wanted to get this post about the August MyGlam bag, which I received in the mail yesterday, before it slipped my mind.

I am not sure if they had a specific theme for this month's bag (like most of their other bags), but all except one of the products in the bag are products and brands that I have never tried before.

This month's bag included the following:

MyGlam Glam Gloss 

Clean Skin Roll on Perfume Oil

Salty Cosmetics Mineral Eye Shadow

Eclos Moisture Therapy Cream and Cellular Activator Facial Serum

Circus by Andrea's Choice Nail Color

Other than the Circus polish and the Glam Gloss, I am not too excited about any of the other products.  I will give them all a try, except for the skincare just because I've got my products that I am trying out already so I might just have my mom or aunts to give a try.  Every month can't be too spectacular, but I am so happy that they included another one of Andrea's polishes to try.



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