Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Julep Maven Conditioning Nail Polish Remover

So it's been a while since I've done a review on an actual beauty product.  I haven't purchased any makeup in a while (which is for the better) and I needed time to really test some of the skincare/haircare products that I am trying out before sharing my thoughts.  However, for the month of August, I received a Julep Maven box, which was their Anniversary box, and one of the items included was the new Julep Maven Conditioning Nail Polish Remover.

I was quite interesting in testing this nail polish remover because it's very reminiscent of the Zoya Remove Plus nail polish remover (packaging and all).  And because I had just run out of my favorite Zoya Remove Plus polish remover, this was the perfect time to try something new.

The Julep Maven Conditioning Nail Polish Remover is advertised as being an acetone free polish remover packaged in a pump bottle (like the Zoya Remove Plus) for that convenient use.  It's suppose to be conditioning for the nails and remove polish with ease.

So what's my verdict? I absolutely HATE using it! I have no idea what is in the formula but it is not conditioning at all.  When I tried to pump it out on to a cotton pad (which did not work properly because the polish remover just pumped out everywhere and got messy), the cotton pad dried out within seconds.  I had to soak the entire cotton pad (bout 8-10 pumps) to have it stay saturated and remove the polish.  As for removing the polish, I literally had to scrub at my nails, and the remover just felt very chalky and dry, leaving my skin and nails very chalky and dry.  It also did not do so well with keeping my nails and skin stain free while removing the polish (so I do not recommend using this remover with dark polishes).

I have only used it once, and I honestly do not want to even try to use it all or ever again.  Definitely not worth the $14 price tag to it, seeing how you can buy the Zoya Remove Plus (which is 100 times better) with the convenient pump at Ulta for $10.  I can't say I can recommend this to anyone and am sticking to my beloved Zoya Remove Plus (which I need to pick up pronto).

I usually don't write such negative reviews on products, but because there was a lot of excitement out there for the Julep Maven Conditioning Nail Polish Remover when it was released last week, I just had to share my thoughts.



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