Thursday, August 2, 2012

Revlon Top Speed in Jaded

I have tried Revlon polishes in the past, and found them really nice for being a drugstore brand.  However, for some reason I have never tried the Revlon Top Speed polishes, which advertises to dry within a few minutes after application.  I usually enjoy the process of applying nail polish because I will just pop myself infront of a TV with a good show and just relax and pamper myself with a home manicure/pedicure.

But, there are times where I want to change my polish, but absolutely have no time for the drying process.  So when when one of my amazing friends sent me this Revlon Top Speed polish to try out I was excited to see if it was a quick dry polish.

The color is in Jaded, which is a beautiful light mint color.  The color is creamy and opaque, which is great because it applies well in just two coats without being streaky.  I wish the color was a little more minty, but it is still pretty as is.

As for the drying time, kudos to Revlon because I think after 3-4 minutes after applying the top coat to the polish, I was able to type around on my laptop without any worry and do things around the house.  The quality of the polish is just as good as any other higher end polishes (i.e. Essie, OPI), lasting just about a week on my fingers before chipping.  Definitely am going to check out the other colors int he Revlon Top Speed line for those rushed manicure days I'll have in the future.



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