Monday, August 20, 2012

New Beauty - The Beauty Authority

I am not one to really subscribe to pick up random monthly magazines for a light read, or to flip through the pages for the pretty pictures.  However, New Beauty magazine is definitely on of the stand out magazines that focuses on really informing their readers on the latest beauty trends.  And with the help with the numerous beauty professionals (from celebrity make up artists to doctors), a person can learn a lot about the numerous products on the market or the different procedures in a doctor's office.

I have to say that the cover photo also drew my attention to their magazine.  Who doesn't love Sarah Jessica Parker???

Instead of focusing on telling their readers what is beautiful or the things they need to do, the editors and writers really break down the specifics on the different options there are in the beauty world.

This is my first time picking up New Beauty, and I am already impressed with all of the information provided.  Instead of a monthly magazine, I believe New Beauty is a quarterly magazine that releases a new magazine every season.  Although I don't know if I can wait for the next release, I do appreciate the editors taking the few months time to really do their research on trending topics.

The Summer-Fall 2012 issue focuses on a lot of great topics:

- Age Defying Secrets: Featuring a break down of breakthrough treatments and products, highlighting specific ingredients that reveals the science in beauty.

- Beauty Truths: Unveiling all of the myths and facts in the beauty world.

- Makeup and Makeovers: Featuring age appropriate looks and high performance products that should not be missed.

- Trends of the Season: Feedback on trends of the season and exploring what's on the market; really discovering what's right for you and what should be skipped (i.e. The Perfect Fake Tan, BB Creams).

The magazine really hits trending topics for all age groups, and with their in depth articles and interviews, you get a great look of the beauty world without being too overwhelmed.  So whether you have specific trends that you want to look into, or if you just want to explore what's ont he minds of beauty professionals, this is definitely a great reference magazine to have on hand.

After reading through New Beauty a few times, there will be a few new products that I will probably end up testing before the end of the year.




  1. NewBeauty does a TestTube program where you get the magazine and products for about $30 per quarter.

    1. I had no idea, thanks for the heads up! Might have to look into that