Sunday, January 13, 2013

Henri Bendel Princess Bangle

I am finally having time to re-organize a little bit around my room and just putting everything I received from Christmas away (I know, it's been long overdue).  While I was cleaning up I found one of the Christmas gifts I had received from a very close friend of mine (sister from another mister?) and  it's honestly one of my favorite pieces that I have in my collection.

She knows my (unhealthy) obsession with Henri Bendel jewelry pieces, so she decided to send me the Princess Bangle in a deep grey shade.  The Princess Bangle, which is so appropriately named because of it being rimmed with crystals, is the ultimate girly piece.  It's dipped in gold and just adds that extra bit of glamour to any look.

You can definitely stack this with other bracelets and bangles, but I have been enjoying it on its own.  Making it the star piece on my arm.  It's the perfect size on my wrist and doesn't slide off easily.  It has a clasp, so it's definitely secure.

I love pairing this with a basic jeans and a tee shirt look.  Kind of a simple, but chic style.  I remember getting this in the mail and just putting it on immediately.  Definitely couldn't stop staring at my wrist that day, or any other day that I am wearing it.