Wednesday, January 30, 2013

YSL Pure Chromatics Shadow Palettes

A few months ago I had picked up the YSL Pure Chromatics Shadow palettes while Sephora was having their VIB promotion.  I love that Sephora hosts these promotions because it gives me a chance to try out higher end products that I've had my eyes on for a discounted price.

I've been wanting to try the YSL shadows for a while, especially their Pure Chromatics line because they can be used wet or dry.  When swatched dry, the shadows come out very natural and light in texture.  But the fun comes in when you add water to the mixture.  Using the shadows with a wet brush brings a beautiful intensity and that added bit of drama for those ready to make a statement. Not only the color, but also the finish of the shadows really stand out when the shadows are used wet and the texture turns from a light powder to more creamy.

Of course I had to pick up two of the more neutral, easy going shades just to be safe, since I know I will reach for them more often if I like the colors.

The first quad I picked up is #8, which consists of Sandy Gold, Shimmery Pearl, Rich Gold, and Golden Green shadows.  The #8 quad is definitely one for the shimmery shadow lovers.  The shimmers are refined enough to apply without feeling grainy, but their presence is obvious.



The two lighter shades work well dry because they apply more natural and make the shades more wearable for anyone wanting to use them daily.  When used with a wet brush, the Shimmery Pearl shade tends to not apply so well (streaky), so I like to use it dry as a light highlight int he inner corners.  I love using Rich Gold wet as a nice center of the lid shade blended into the Golden Green.  It's a neutral smokey eye look that's different that the common browns or blacks.

The second quad is #11, consisting of Charcoal, Beige Sheen, Dark Brown Sheen, and Matte Black shadows.  I was drawn to these shadows because I mainly wanted it for the purpose of creating the more dark and sultry smokey looks, definitely not one for the shy girls.



The shadows in #11 dry are beautiful and wearable, but they are even more stunning when applied wet.  Unlike #8, I can apply all of the shadows in #11 wet without look overwhelming, or like a disco ball.  Because the shadows have more of a sheen rather than a shimmer, they look more appealing to most people, and because they balanced the quad by adding a matte black, this definitely makes the ultimate smokey eye palette.  I wanted to pick this up because even though they describe the shades as black and charcoal, I do see a bit of deep blue undertones, which looks beautiful with brown eyes.

Out of the two quads, I have to say that #11 is my favorite because it is more wearable and makes it more fun for me to play around with deeper shades.  #8 will definitely be one reserved for the more party type of looks.  But overall, with the texture, finish, and application, I feel like I am very impressed with the quality of the Pure Chromatics shadows.