Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lancome Dual Finish Powder

I have always been a fan of the Lancome Dual Finish Face Powder, but I did not pick up this particular shade to use as an all over face powder.  Being Winter and all my skin is a much lighter skin tone compared to the Summer, so you can imagine this shade does not match my skin tone.

 After years of learning how to use makeup, I've learned that if you can't find a specific product, you work your way around it and find substitutes that work just as well.  Because I've been on the perfect matte bronzer to use for contouring for a while now, I have given up on looking for a bronzing powder.  Instead, I just went straight to my favorite face powder and picked up the shade I thought worked well as a contour shade (without looking muddy) for my skin tone.

Lancome's Dual Finish Powder has an amazing texture, and being a matte finish makes it work well for a contour powder if you go a few shades darker than your skin tone.  The powder is silky smooth, and just blends beautifully into the skin.

I have other bronzing powders that I do enjoy (i.e. Tarte's Park Avenue), but for a more sculpted look, I thought this would be the best technique to achieve that evening out look that I might want.  I love the idea of using a face powder as a contour powder because the shade ranges for face powders are broader, giving you more options for your skin tone.

I would use a precision cheek brush to really work the product into the hollows of my cheeks blending up and out to the ear.  Also working the color into the temples of your forehead and along your jaw bone really slims down the look of your face (hence contouring) and looks beautiful in pictures.



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