Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Kleenex Factor

It's natural to have a little shine throughout the day, but do you really need to spend that extra money on blotting paper? For me, I usually get a little shiny around the nose and forehead around the middle of the day, and that's definitely not an attractive look to rock around for the rest of the day.  Yes, I've been the person to carry blot paper around with me, but honestly I find them a little pricey for the ones that really work to keep the shine away.  And the more affordable, drugstore options just don't work well enough for me to repurchase.

In my mind, blotting paper is not only suppose to remove the shine (and excess oil) that appears throughout the day, but also helps prevent anymore shine from appearing for the rest of the day.  I don't want to have to blot, and then re-blot a few hours later.

So what works for me? A simple, and very affordable Kleenex tissue.  It does wonders for removing shine and oil, and I don't find myself having to re-blot for the rest of the day.  What's even better is that with a Kleenex tissue, you get a bigger sheet to work with than those tiny little blotting sheets that you spend two or three times as much for.

The key is to separate the two layers of the Kleenex tissue, and use only one of the thin layers to blot away any shine or oil (so with one Kleenex tissue you technically get two blotting sheets).  I love that it removes the shine, without removing any of my makeup, so there's no touchup needed after blotting.  An added step you can take to really give you that matte finish, or to ensure that your makeup look lasts, is to dust a little bit of setting powder over the tissue while it's pressed against your skin.  This just gives you that extra setting without making it look like you used too much powder, therefore avoiding that chalky look.




  1. I'm guilty of doing this! But I haven't purchased blotting papers in a long time. :D