Sunday, June 24, 2012

Aldo Herena Nude Wedges

Wedding season is here and I thought that it would be best to pick up a nice pair of comfortable, nude wedges for all of the wedding, baby, bridal, and everything else parties that I have planned for the Summer.  Wedges are the perfect go to shoes for the Summer season because they can really dress up a look (depending on the style), but still give you the stability while giving you the extra height you want.

I thought these nude Herena wedges from Aldo were going to be perfect for those special occasion get togethers that I have planned all Summer long because they are a patent leather, making thema  bit more dressy, and they were extremely cute.  They are a bit high of a heel, with an added platform for comfort, but I am pretty short, so this makes me the perfect height (and they make my legs look amazing!).

Although they do have a rubber sole, you will need a slip grip for the bottom of the shoes just for added comfort and security when walking on slick floors.  They are the perfect shoes for any dress and honestly have been loving them!



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