Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ultra Light NuBra

One of my biggest wardrobe necessity for the summer are adhesive bras.  I know a lot of people feel like adhesive bras are the most uncomfortable bras to wear, especially on hot summer days, but because I have been really into the backless look, this is a must have for me.  I have tried a variety of adhesive bras, and was about to give up on them until I tried the Ultra Light Nubra (which can be found int he lingerie section at Nordstrom).

I honestly cannot stan the silicone adhesive bras because they feel very heavy and do not hold well.  The Ultra Light NuBra is the best, and most affordable adhesive bra I have ever tried.  It's a smooth, cling free fabric cover, which makes it look very natural, and lightweight.  It is designed to be worn up to 50 times, and the adhesive hold incredibly well.

My ultimate test for the NuBra was when I went to Las Vegas.  All of my tops and dresses were backless, so this was going to be my go to bra.  I wore it all day int he heat walking around on the strip while sightseeing, and then all night partying with the girls, and the NuBra did not budge or slip at all.  It was incredibly warm in Vegas, so I was worried the adhesive would not hold, but it did an incredible job of keeping my girls up and comfortable.

Adhesive bras are especially handy when it comes to weddings and proms, or for any occasion for a daring dress.  The NuBra is a top competitor when it comes to adhesive bras, and I believe is much better (and more affordable) than the highly expensive Victoria Secret adhesive bras.

So with the help of my NuBra, I can rock those sexy Summer dresses with confidence.



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