Monday, June 4, 2012

Bobbi Brown Blushes

A little while ago (or maybe a long while ago), I had received a gift card for Bobbi Brown and decided to pick up a few blushes.  My options for blushes were quite limited in my collection, so what better way to start up my blush collection than with the award winning Bobbi Brown blushes.

I decided on three blushes:


Tawny, which was one of my favorites is a neutral blush with pink tones.  It's not a full on pink or rosy blush, making it perfect to use as a blush, or a slight contour on the cheeks because of its neutral brown tones.


Nectar is a beautiful, bold Pink, which I find will look beautiful on darker skin tones.  Applied lightly and fair skin tones can look great with it, but when you have some color on your skin this will just look beautiful.  Definitely a summer time blush for me.


Peony is a cooler pink that is still bold, but with a softer shade.  Peony would look gorgeous on both light and dark skin tones.  This will make the darker skin tones pop, almost working as a highlight for the cheeks, and it will also look very soft and beautiful as a hint of color on the light skin tones.

All of the Bobbi Brown blushes are well known for their incredible texture, being extremely silky and smooth, blending like a dream.  They apply very smoothly, and are pretty long wearing with a matte finish (making them very wearable for all occasions and age groups).  I absolutely love the sleek packaging of the individual blushes, making them very small and compact (great for travel).  But the pans also pop out and can be placed into palettes for any make up artists convenience.




  1. I love the Nectar blush so beautiful!

  2. i love Bobbi Brown blushers, they are always so pigmented. The packaging makes it really easy for me to travel around with and they have a vast range of colours to choose from! Can definitely compete with other blushers from other brands~