Monday, June 18, 2012

Pureology Super Smooth

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, it's always nice to invest in one higher end brand to add to your hair care routine every so often.  I like to rotate the shampoo and conditioner brands that I use, changing it every few months, so that my hair doesn't get use to product so much and stops responding.  So a nice way to save on higher end hair products is to rotate it with your favorite drugstore brands.  That way, it makes the product last longer and you are still able to spoil your hair without breaking the bank too much.

One of the higher end brands that I hear a lot of great reviews about in the hair care industry is Pureology.  A lot of the higher end salons and stylists use Pureology products on their clients.  Although the Pureology systems do say that they are for serious color care, their products can also be used on untreated hair.

I have been using the Pureology Super Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner for a little while now, trying to keep my hair soft and hydrated.  The Super Smooth formulas works great at preventing frizzing and dryness, as it's main ingredients are camellia, sesame and shea butter.

The product comes out extremely thick and creamy, and a pea sized amount really lathers up (so a little goes a long way).  Although this product does leave my hair feeling smooth and soft, because of how creamy and thick the texture of the shampoo and conditioner are, I really have to be careful with the amount of product I apply (otherwise my hair will get weighed down).  I like to use this ever other day (or even every two days), and I like to leave the conditioner on for a bit longer because it works really well as a deep conditioner.

I would recommend this to anyone out their with thicker, unmanageable hair.  However, if you have finer hair, you can still use this and get great results, just be sure to control the amount of product with every use.



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