Thursday, September 6, 2012

Francesca's Collections Jeweled Flats

A little over two weeks ago I had a little shopping trip with a few of my good friends and we ventured out to a mall in the North suburbs of Chicago.  I picked up a lot of great things and scored a few deals at H&M and Forever21.  However, I think one of my favorite purchases on that shopping trip was at Francesca's Collections.

This was actually my first time walking into a Francesca's Collection store.  I had seen the small shop around the mall a few times, but just never gave it a second thought to walk in and purchase something.  But I was definitely lucky that my friends wanted to go in, because if it weren't for them I would have never picked up these cute, smoky grey flats.

I was first drawn to them because of the accent jewels.  I honestly never thought I could like shoes with accented jewels on the toe.  But for some reason I could not stop going back to these on the display table and looking at them.  I loved the texture of the flats and the smokey grey just drew me in.  And then I did the unthinkable, I tried them on.  I was hesitant at first because they were a bit more than what I was use to, but when my friends gave me the approval for them I decided "what the heck" and picked them up.

I thought that they would be a great addition to a few of my Fall looks for 2012, and I definitely have no regrets about this purchase.  I have already thought about a few looks with these flats, and can't wait to put them to good use once the weather gets a bit colder out.

I definitely will continue to make sure I make more stops into Francesca's Collections to see other great finds within the store.