Saturday, September 8, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadows

A little while ago I had written a post about a recent CVS haul of mine.  They were having one of their amazing Buy One Get One 50% Off promotion on a few of their beauty products.  So with the sale I decided to take the opportunity to pick up a few of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadows that I wanted to try.

[TOP]: Pomegranate Punk, Gold Shimmer
[BOTTOM]: Bold Gold, Fierce & Fiery

Pomegranate Punk, Gold Shimmer, Bold Gold, Fierce & Fiery

Pomegranate Punk: A beautiful cranberry purple that I believe is going to be great for the Fall season.  The texture is smooth and applies evenly, but if you do want to pull this color off without topping it off with some eye shadow I would recommend building up the color slowly.  It is not an intense cranberry when initially applied to the lids, but can be built up in intensity by layering.  Applying this in the crease and with the right neutral, transition color will help keep your eyes from looking dull and tired (which happens often with these tones of shadows).

Gold Shimmer: A bronzy gold that applies beautifully all over the lids for the effortless bronzed look.  Because it's a darker shade of gold it can also work as a great crease color for an easy every day look without looking too done up.

Bold Gold: A lighter, brighter gold when compared to Gold Shimmer.  It works as a beautiful highlight ont he inner third of the lids and just really brightens up any smokey eye look.  I love pairing this with a black shadow, really showing a contrast in the two colors.

Fierce & Fiery: A true peachy orange that is definitely out of my usual comfort zone when it comes to eye color.  I picked this up mainly because I thought the color looked really beautiful in the pot.  When layered with light, peachy eye shadows and pairing it with a neutral crease color I think this can be very wearable.  However, the consistency of Fierce & Fiery is not as great as the rest of the cream shadows. It does not apply as smoothly, so you would have to apply on the lids with thin layers and really build up the color and have an even application.

Of course I love the two neutral shades I picked up because we all know neutrals are just so easy to work with.  However, I am glad I really branched out and picked up a few not so typical colors to really play around with.

Overall, the Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadows are great cram shadows that are very comparable to their more expensive counterparts at the department store.  They work as great bases underneath shadows to really amplify the color, or can be worn on their own for a quick an easy look.  I have never had problems with creasing when it comes to these and find that they can pretty much last throughout my long work day, which it around 10 hours (who really needs their makeup to last 24 hours???).  So if you are looking for a more affordable and good quality cream shadow, definitely check out these Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel Shadows.



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