Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Gucci Italian Collection Sunglasses

I have always been a fan of Aviator styled sunglasses and never really saw myself going for the more over sized (glamorous) shaped sunglasses, until now.  I was at a yard sale in the suburb of Chicago a little over two weeks ago, and let's just say the seller was overly generously with the pricing of a lot of her brand new items (divorce gone ugly??).  A lot of her items were brand new (with price tag in tact) or barely used.

I would normally feel bad about buying all of these items for such low prices, she definitely did not seem phased at all and just wanted to get rid of everything.  So while I was looking around I came across these Gucci sunglasses.  I jokingly put them on and then surprisingly fell in love with how looked on me.  The women also said that they suited my face shape well and offered to sell them to me for $50.   At first I thought that these must be fake Gucci, but she had kept the price tag on them (along with the case and box she had received after purchasing them.  I also decided to look them up online and saw that these were from Gucci's newer collection, so I thought that $50 was more than a fair price for these (which retail at around $390).

I thought that the interlocking chain detailing was going to bother me, but when I put them on I thought they were very subtle (because the color was toned down) and I love the retro style shape of the frames.

And because I was still curious about whether these were real Gucci sunglasses, I took these to the Gucci Flagship store on Michigan Avenue to get them checked out.  Turns out she was as honest as ever and I scored my first pair of Gucci sunglasses for a great price.

I picked up a few other things at the yard sale along with these shades (may or may not post about them), but it just goes to show you that a person's "trash" is another person's treasure.  I will definitely be keeping my eye out for future yard sales (mainly in the suburban areas of Chicago).  Who knows what else I"ll be able to find.



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