Monday, September 10, 2012

Sephora Brushes (ON SALE)

I recently went on a short shopping trip with one of my Aunts, and while we were there we went into Sephora to pick her up some more cleansers she needed to restock on.  Of course while I was in the store I couldn't help but just browse around and see what new items were being featured.  For the first time ever I wasn't really interested in picking up any of the makeup.  However, that all changed when I came across their sale section.

Sephora has a tiny sale section in their stores, and I never really purchase anything from their sale section.  But when I saw these Sephora Collection Pro and I.T. Synthetic brushes.  These brushes were placed in the sale section because Sephora had changed the colors of the handles from Silver to Black and with the I.T. brushes I think they just discontinuing these specific types of brushes (their colored handles have not changed).

These brushes did not have the names on them so I can't tell you their actual names, however just by looking at the shape of the bristles you can basically tell which brush functions for what purpose (or just use them as a multi-functional brush because there are no rules when it comes to beauty).

I was so glad to find these ins tores and pick them up for such a grat pice (varying from $5-$11).  Sephora brushes are known for being great quality brushes, but they do come with a high price, so finding them for a deal is always a plus.  The bristles still feel as soft as ever and I definitely can't wait to get these washed and start playing around with them.



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