Tuesday, May 8, 2012

BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pro Giveaway!!!!! (CLOSED)

Another month, another giveaway! What better way to welcome May by giving away some beautiful eyeshadows from BH Cosmetics.

I know these aren't high end shadows like MAC shadows, but these BH eyeshadows are amazing and do the job well.  I picked up two of the 15 Color Palettes and filled them with 30 Eyeshadow Pro shadows.  The palettes are extremely compact and are of made impeccable quality (being very durable and sturdy).  And because I am obsessed with neutrals, all of the shadows are wearable neutrals.  One palette consists of all matte shadows and the other palette is filled with satin/shimmery shadows.  These two palettes put together is everything a girl will need to create an unlimited amount of looks for day or night.

This is just a Thank You for your support and a way for me to give back to all of you.

Now on to the details of the giveaway ...


1. Must be a follower of mine here on Blogspot (you can follow me by clicking on the follow button on the top left hand side).

2. Must be a follower and friend of mine on Luuux.com (My Luuux Page)

3. Must leave ONE comment on THIS POST answering the following question: If you can travel to one place in the world, where would it be?

4. Must re-post this on either your blog, luuux, tumblr, etc. (LEAVE THE LINK TO YOUR RE-POST IN THE COMMENTS ALONG WITH YOUR ANSWER).

5. Must be 18 or older (or have your parents permission to provide me your mailing address).

This giveaway is open to BOTH International and U.S./Canada residents and will last until the end of the month (ENDING ON MONDAY MAY 28th). 

Good Luck!!!

FTC: This is not a sponsored giveaway.  I am not getting paid or receiving anything for hosting this giveaway, and everything was purchased with my own money.




  1. Those eye shadows are so pretty!

    Picking only on place to be able to travel to is hard. There are so many places that I'd love to visit. But if I had to pick one, it would be Greece. I had fell in love with the scenery of Greece while watching the movie My Life in Ruins. I really love the architecture. The beaches. Everything. I hope to be able to travel there sometime in the near future.

    I am a foller of yours on here and Luuux. I am also a friend on Luuux.

    Here is my repost link: http://www.luuux.com/community/repost-giveaway-11

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!!

  2. Luuux: JoJo Beauty

    I would say Italy. My husband is of Italian descendants and would love to learn and experience his heritage.

    Re-Post on luuux: http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/repost-bh-cosmetics-eyeshadow-pro-giveaway

    Thank you and good luck to all!!!

  3. I would love to go to hawaii or brazil, i think that they are a beautiful place to travel.

  4. GFC: smurfette

    The one place I would love to travel to would be Germany. I have wanted to go there forever.

    Blog post: http://lisaswishingwell.blogspot.com/2012/05/eve-nguyen-blog-giveaway-bh-cosmetics.html

    Follower and friend on LUUUX: Lisa Brown

    email: jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

    Thank you!

  5. If I can travel to one place in the world I would have to choose Italy. Being 100% Italian and having a full stereotypical Italian family, I always wondered what it would be like to go to Italy and experience my great grandparents culture. I would love to see where they grew up, and the towns they lived in. I also heard the scenery where my great grandparents are from is incredible to look at and is the most beautiful thing they've ever seen.

    Luuux post: http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/eves-bh-cosmetics-giveaway

    p.s thanks for hosting another awesome giveaway :)

  6. If I could travel to one place in the world I would love to go to Australia because its always been my dream place to live, I wanted to study there but its too far away and the visa process takes too long to complete.

    Im following you on luuux and on here too, my repost link is :

    Thank you sooo much for doing this and good luck to all

  7. GFC: Sheri
    Luuux: Sheri Wong
    repost link: http://sone4life.tumblr.com/post/23315799362/bhcosmetics-giveaway

    I want to travel to Korea because I love korean culture, music and they have asian makeup brands!

  8. 1. I follow you via Google Friend connect: Taryn
    2. I'm a follower and friend on Luuux: Taryn Rose
    3. If I could travel to any one place in the world I would choose Italy because I love the art and culture. I would especially love to go on a Mediterranean cruise.
    4. I reposted on my blog:http://kathrynrosexo.blogspot.com/2012/05/eve-nguyens-bh-cosmetics-neutral.html

  9. GFC: Amanda Estela
    LUUUX: Amanda Estela
    Repost: http://www.luuux.com/community/repost-eves-bh-cosmetic-eyeshadow-pro-giveaway?link=1

    I would love to travel to Spain again if I had to choose one place. Mainly because of my love of seafood and the fact most of my family lives there. I love the Spanish culture and the yearly festivals they have (and eating my weight in crab and lobster... >.<)

    Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway.. the colors you chose are so lovely x

  10. GFC: Elena
    Luuux: Elena T
    Repost: http://www.luuux.com/community/eves-bh-cosmetics-eyeshadow-pro-giveaway?tid=1021337976908646188252252&aff_id=10395

    This is a really hard question because I would like to visit so many places but if I had to choose just one place then I'd like to visit the States because it's such a big country and you got it all...from the sunny California to the freezing Alaska, there are so many great places to visit, the Grand Canion, Las Vegas, Texas...wow! I'd like to visit all the states, to go to the casino, to visit Hollywood and Disneyland and to go shopping in NYC.

    Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway!

  11. I would travel to India.

    gfc: Burcin
    email: burcin.cevik.bir at gmail dot com
    repost link: http://lalelovesgiveaways.blogspot.com/2012/05/eve-nguyen-giveaway.html

    I've been trying to follow on luuux but the link you provided goes elsewhere: http://www.luuux.com/mypage/preview/anonymous.

    Can you provide a link to your luuux profile again?

  12. i am a gfc follower as shadab.
    i dont have a luux account in fact i am hearing it first time.will figure it out latter.
    reposted it on fb https://www.facebook.com/shadab.tahir.5/posts/428756693815784
    shadab_muslim at yahoo dot co dot in

  13. GFC - Shruti Shetty
    Follower on Luuux - Shruti Shetty
    If i could travel to one place it would be Switzerland.... :)
    Luuux link - http://www.luuux.com/health-beauty/bh-cosmetics-eyeshadow-pro-giveaway
    email - naughty1101@gmail.com

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