Thursday, May 31, 2012

MAC Eye Shadow in Diamond Dove

I don't have an immense amount of MAC shadows, because I own so many palettes already, but when I see a shade that I really like and can't get my mind off of I can't help but add it to my kit.  I picked this MAC shadow up a few months ago (I know, this post is so late!) in one of their Iris Apfel and I am really enjoying it.

Diamond Dove is a beautiful is a darker, cool brown with a bit of grey undertones in a matte finish (and we all know I can't get enough of my mattes).  It gives a nice color, but being a matte finish, the texture is a bit dry compared to the texture of their other shadows.  Apply with a nice primer and the color should apply well; the swatch is applied WITHOUT primer.

I love how versatile this color can be because it is a cooler brown.  I can apply this lightly all over the lid, and because it is a matte finish it is very wearable.  Or I can use this in the crease to create that softer smokey, sexy look.

I am definitely debating about creating my own MAC palette, trust me it is very tempting.  I do want to own my own MAC palette, but because I am not dying for it and there are so many other brands I want to try (such as Inglot), I think I am going to hold off for now and just buy the ones that I really, really love that I know are going to be discontinued.



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