Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chanel Sublimage Essential Regenerating Fluid

Chanel is notorious for having luxury skin care products, and the Sublimage skin care line can live up that that reputation.  A few months ago, my mom and I attended a Chanel event and she had purchased me this high priced Sublimage Essential Regenerating Fluid as a gift (which was incredibly generous of her). I don't have major skin care issues, but being Asian we do enjoy to take preventative measures for the sake of the future of our skin.

I can't describe the product better than the professionals, so here's what the Sublimage Essential Regenerating Fluid is all about:

"The ultimate in anti-aging luxury, now formulated for those who want to experience its age-defying benefits, but do not prefer creams. With its smooth, weightless, chiffon-like feel and subtle mattifying effect, this potent fluid formula is powered by Planifolia PFA, a precious, natural anti-aging ingredient derived from a unique botanical fruit found in the farthest reaches of Madagascar, and purified by CHANEL Research. And like the cream formulas of SUBLIMAGE, this chiffon-light fluid acts with unparalleled power and precision on different targets in the skin simultaneously. With complete proven effectiveness against signs of age, SUBLIMAGE Essential Regenerating Fluid pinpoints density (wrinkles and loss of firmness), evenness of complexion, radiance, and moisture. Skin is revitalized, regenerated, radiant." - Chanel.com

This product was recommended to me not for anti-aging purposes (but it is a perk), but for evening the skin tone.  I do have a few dark spots and wanted to find a product that would help even out my complexion.  Do not mistake this product as a skin lightener, because it definitely is not.  However it does regenerate the skin, which is why it does make the skin look and feel more radiant.  The texture of the product is incredibly light and applies so smoothly to the skin.  When applied, I can feel my skin absorbing it immediately, leaving no trace of tackiness or shine.  It definitely leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft, which is a nice way to start your morning.

Like most Chanel products, there is a noticeable scent to the product.  The scent does not bother me because it is not too strong, and does fade away (it does not cause any breakouts for me either).  However, I do recommend that you ask for a sample or test it in stores before purchasing.

I am enjoying this product, and after a few months of testing it, I do find the results great.  My skin seems to be loving it and it has found a permanent place in my daily day time skin care routine (as always a little goes a long way).  But because the price is incredibly high, I do think that there are other alternative (serums and concentrates) out on the market that are much more affordable (i.e. Lancome's Vissionaire and Genefique).  The packaging of Sublimage is very luxe and you are paying for the brand.



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