Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nordstrom Aviators

More sunglasses! Haha all of you must think I am obsessed with sunglasses by now (which I can't deny) seeing how I have already made two posts on sunglasses.  However those were posts on higher end sunglasses, so this post will be less damaging on your wallet.

After spending Memorial Day weekend at the beach with all of my friends, I realized how paranoid I was of damaging my higher end sunglasses in the sand and water.  I would not put them down and did not feel comfortable leaving them in my back (fearing someone would step on them).

A friend had told me that he got his cheaper aviators from Nordstrom, and because they looked so great on him I decided to go over there and give them a try.  I picked up these two aviators from the Men's section at Nordstrom for $10 each! Aviators are unisex sunglasses, and I feel like they look great on both men and women, so it doesn't matter what section I get them from.

I picked up two pairs (because I couldn't help myself),  one in a gold shade and one in a silver.  The silver frames have lens that are reflectors, so it's pretty cool.

For being only $10, these have a nigh weight to them and feel extremely durable.  I think they will survive my visits to the beach very well.