Thursday, February 16, 2012

February My Glam Bag

When I saw My Glam Bag package in the mail today I was quite excited (a little more excited than my Birchbox package).  Although the My Glam package did come a little later than expected (everyone was looking forward to having it before Valentine's day) it wasn't a big let down for me because they do have so many clients.

The products I received this month are the following:

- X Out Shine Control Moisturizer
- NYX Roll On Shimmer Powder
- Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask
- NuMe Hair Products $100 Gift Certificate
- Freeman Facial Mask Sachets
- Ghiradelli Chocolate Treat (which I already dove into and enjoyed!)

After going through the bag for the month of February, I am quite excited to try everything.

I can't get enough of masks, so getting two samples of masks this month is just a special treat in my mind.  I am quite curious about the other products and can't wait to test everything out, especially the $100 certificate towards NuMe products (amazing!).

Also, the design of the bag for this month is extremely cute and very fitting for the theme of the month.




  1. wow! the gift certificate is great! and so many products id love to try, i might have to get one of these :)