Monday, February 27, 2012

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

This post is around 3 months over due, however I still wanted to review the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette for anyone out there that are still considering making the purchase but still have not come to a final decision yet.

Urban Decay released their Naked 2 palette in early December of 2011, and I purchased the palette the first day it was released.  Like the original Naked palette, the Naked 2 palette features a collection of 12 full sized Urban Decay neutral shadows.  The Naked and Naked 2 palette has been one of the best selling products in the beauty industry since 2010, with both palettes selling out for months after their release.

The Naked 2 palette has a mixture of matte and frosty neutral shadows.  The main difference between the original palette and the Naked 2 is the packaging.  The Naked 2 has a metal packaging with a snapped closure and a larger mirror.  A lot of people say that the Naked and Naked 2 palette shadows are very similar to each other and there's no justifying purchasing both, however I find that the Naked 2 palette contains more of a taupe or cooler brown shades while the original Naked contains more bronzed and warmer shades.  What I appreciate most about the Naked 2 palette is that they included a matte black for a liner option and a matte highlight color.

The only complaint I have about the Naked 2 palette overall is that Half Baked was included in the palette, even though it was already included in the original Naked palette.  I thought they could have been a bit more creative and come up with a new neutral shade in substitute for Half Baked.

As for the quality fo the shadows, Urban Decay still lives up to high quality and very pigmented shadows that apply smoothly and blend like a dream.  The double ended synthetic brush included in the palette is absolutely wonderful.  A flat shader brush pats on the color amazing and the fluffy blending end helps create an even look.

Although I did not care for the gloss included with the set, I can understand that a mini primer potion was getting a bit repetitive for them.  I would have just preferred eliminating the gloss overall, which would have lowered the $50 price for the set a bit.

Overall, I find the Naked 2 palette one of the best palettes I have ever come across.  Between the original Naked and the Naked 2, I have to say I gravitate more towards the Naked 2 palette because I do prefer the taupe shades more.  Also, the matte black and highlighter shades does make the palette more wearable.  I still love my original Naked palette and think that between these two neutral palettes, I'll have all I need when it comes to eye shadows for a very long time.



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