Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Essie Smokin' Hot

For my nail polish choice for this week I decided to go with Essie's Smokin' Hot, which I was quite happy to find in my collection.  The weather seems like it's going to be cloudy and rainy for a few days out of the week, and after the weather this evening I thought Smokin' Hot would be an appropriate color choice for the gloomy weather.

One of my favorite color choices to go to for the Fall has always been these darker, muddy colors.  They are better than going for a straight black polish because it's not as stark, and also are very wearable for school and work.  I do enjoy brights for Fall too, but I tend to get a bit obsessive when it comes to making sure the polish color goes well with whichever outfit I decide to wear.  So these types of darker colors just make my life a bit easier.

I love the deep grey of Smokin' Hot because it does have that touch of brown and purple in it, making it quite a unique color since it's not just the obvious charcoal grey.  The color is extremely creamy, which is expected of the darker shades from the Essie collection.  The formula was easy to apply, going on opaque in two coats, and the finish is very glossy (which I love).

Hopefully the weather will clear up by the weekend, then maybe I can change it up to a brighter color (which I haven't worn in awhile).



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