Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nails Inc. Hampstead Gardens

My closest friends would probably describe me as a nail polish addict if they knew me well enough.  Because I live close to a nail supply store, I am lucky enough to try out new collections from various brands at a discounted price (making it hard to justify paying full price for any polish).  However, because I have never tried Nails Inc. before, and have heard such great reviews on the brand, I decided to pick up my first Nails Inc. polish when Sephora was offering a few shades at a discounted price.

The color I chose to pick up was Nails Inc. Hampstead Gardens, which is a dark mustard yellow.  I was drawn to this color because it just seemed Fall appropriate.  I have been in love with mustard yellow for this season (I even picked up a pair of pants in a mustard yellow), and I thought it would be a fun color to have in my collection.  It was about 60% off of the original price, and what made it even better was that it was a color that I did not have in my collection already.

After first applying the polish I can say that I quickly fell in love with the formula.  Because this is my first Nails Inc. experience, I am not sure if this is true for their entire line, but the formula of Hampstead Gardens is extremely creamy.  It can apply opaque in one coat, and the shade is true to color when applied onto the nails.

I've had the polish on for about a little over a week now, with OPI top coat on, and it's lasted fairly well, with no chipping.  Hampstead is definitely a color where you will either really like or don't like.  I was actually surprised I have received numerous compliments on the polish since I've worn it and I think it's definitely one to pick up.



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