Monday, November 26, 2012

Nails Inc. Autumn Winter Collection

Instead of doing a single polish review today, I thought I'd just review a whole set that I had picked up a little while ago at Sephora.  Because my first experience with the Nails Inc. polish went so well, I decided to pick up their Autumn Winter Collection, which consists of six mini nail polishes from their recent collection.

I thought all of the colors were just beautiful for the season, and loved that they came in mini polish bottles since I rarely ever finish a full sized bottle.  It's a great way to try a bunch of nail polishes without paying an obscene amount of money for them.

                                     Chelsea Bridge                                Bruton Mews

                                     Sloan Gardens                                Jermyn Street

                                    Chester Street                               Richmond Terrace

The set consists of polishes with glittery, pearly, and high glossy finishes, which is a great mixture.  I absolutely am in love with their high gloss finishes; they are the perfect opacity and apply extremely smoothly.  

As for their glitter polish, Sloane Gardens, it is meant to be a top coat polish because it has a clear base.  So apply it over any silver or regular navy blue polish and it'll definitely bring some Holiday spirit to your look.  

I was not a huge fan of their pearly polish, Chester Street, because of it's uneven application and color. I thought they could have made the consistency of the formula a bit better, but the color is quite beautiful.

My absolute favorites from the set has to be Chelsea Bridge, Richmond Terrace, and Jermyn Street.  So if you were to purchase these polishes individually I would recommend those three.  Overall, I am quite impressed with the entire set and think that Nails Inc. did a good job of representing the Autumn and Winter seasons with their color choices.



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