Friday, November 23, 2012

Francesca's Collection Gifts

By now, everyone in the blog world must know one of my newest favorite shops is Francesca's Collections.  It's rare for me to walk in and be disappointed with their selection of clothes and accessories (and fun gadgets).  And because of that, one of my dearest friends gifted me with a two pieces from their shop.

I was excited to see another statement necklace when I first opened the gift.  I had recently purchased two other statement necklaces from Francesca's Collection, and she was with me at the time, so I guess she noticed how excited and into the trend I was.  I absolutely love that she picked up another neutral statement necklace.  This one specifically goes with just about any outfit I can put together because it's not too in your face.  I actually put it on right away, after opening the gift, because it was perfect with the red dress I was wearing.

The second gift was definitely a shocker! I guess I kept mentioning about these adorable Holiday skirts that were in the store, and she picked up on it and decided to calm my excitement by picking me up this beautiful tulip skirt.  I am in love with the color and pattern of the piece.  It's feminine, beautiful, and just screams Christmas.  While out for one of my birthday dinners, I paired this skirt with a nice long sleeved basic top, with opaque leggings and cute pumps to make the skirt the statement piece of the outfit, and it worked out perfectly!

Thank you so much for being such an amazing friend, Alyssa! Love you!



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