Friday, November 2, 2012

Forever21 Strappy Platform Sandals

There's nothing better than sharing my love (and what seems to be an obsession) for shoes with the people I care about most.  When it comes to shoes, I can admit that I am weak and 90% of the time can't resist a nice pair.  So when my little cousin (which isn't so little anymore) expressed to me that she really wanted to get her first pair of high heel sandals I did not hesitant to help her pick out the right one for her.

Because she doesn't normally wear heels over 2 inches, I wanted to make sure we picked out a pair that would still be as comfortable, but give her that added height that she wanted (which was around 4 inches).  I decided to take her to Forever21, since they seem to carry a lot of great, trendy shoes that wear affordable.  That way, she doesn't spend too much money purchasing a pair to try out.  Then when she figures out that she does like the higher heel after testing out a more affordable pair, she can save up to invest in a more expensive pair that would be that staple piece in her closet.

So while we were browsing she pointed out these heels, which were a strappy platform heel.  I thought it would be a good pair for her to try on; the platform gives the added height, the straps around the ankle a bit more support, and the thicker heel also helps with support.  When you are new to wearing the higher heel, you definitely don't want to jump into a stiletto or something that would stress out the arches of your feet.  So having a platform and thicker heel would be a good way to start.

We both actually really liked how these felt and looked.  They were pretty comfortable for being Forever21 heels, and even with the thicker heel, they felt pretty light.  I loved the strap details on the shoes, making it more comfortable for her to walk around.

I also love that she picked out a taupe color in the soft sude because it definitely makes these more wearable for multiple occasions.

These have definitely been a good first pair for her to test out, seeing that I've seen her wear it more than twice already.  So around Christmas time she might be able to get a pair that is a little more expensive and keep as a staple pair of shoes.



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