Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Francescas Collection Statement Necklaces

It's been a while since I've actively gone out to look for more jewelry pieces to add to my armoire, probably because I just haven't found the right pieces for myself in while.  But while I was out shopping with one of my girl friends last weekend, we decided to stop by Francescas Collection (which we all know I have slowly become obsessed with).  They were having a promotion on their accessories and jewelry pieces (which were all Buy One Get One 50% Off), and because of that I decided to take a look around to see if I find anything that popped out at me.

The two pieces I picked up were on display, and for good reason.  They were eye catching and just beautiful statement necklaces.  I don't have any statement necklaces in my collection, just because I've always been more drawn to the dainty/delicate style, but these were too beautiful to resist.

The first piece I picked up was just stunning, and definitely an impulse buy.  I walked by it and just couldn't resist. It is a bib style necklace (that is more modernized) with a thin, gold plated chain and multi shape resin stone pieces making up the bib.  The deep blue is beautiful, and I love how this lays on the neckline.  When I brought this necklace home, I actually searched online for more similar statement pieces, and came across an exact replica from the Monique Leshman line (it was called the Sodalite London Bib Necklace) and it retailed for $120+).  So you can imagine how happy I was to pick up such a piece.

The second necklace I picked up was something my friend had picked out from the display for me, and I was definitely attracted to the subtle nude tones of the necklace.  It's definitely a statement pieces because of it's size and style, but the toned down color makes it more wearable.

Statement necklaces have definitely made a mark in the fashion world, and I don't think they will be going away anytime soon.  It definitely gives out a more powerful and confident persona, which can be paired with any basic look to really step up your outfit.



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