Friday, December 30, 2011

Essie Fiji

Nothing gets any classier than the perfect creamy pink color for your nails, and I find that Essie's Fiji works perfectly.

Fiji is a very creamy, light pink that works well for most skin tones.  It's actually one of my favorite polishes from the Essie collection (I believe this is my second bottle).  Natural colors like Fiji are just perfect for any season and occasion.  It's a classic, clean, and professional shade of polish that works with any outfit.

The only thing with Fiji is that it is the pain in the butt to apply.  It's definitely not a nice polish to work with if you are new to painting your nails.  The formula is quite thick and creamy, so it can be quite streaky if you are not patient with it.  The color is very opaque, perfect in one coat, but you definitely have to work with it for that perfect application.



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