Saturday, December 10, 2011

Joico K-Pak Style Smoothing Balm

I have been curious and have been wanting try the Joico brand for a while now, since it's highly talked about as a great hair product brand.

I was at TJ Maxx and saw this Joico K-Pak Style Smoothing Balm on sale for $12.99 (originally $22) so I thought I would take advantage of the deal.

The Smoothing Balm is a heat activated product, so once you apply it your damp hair and blow dry or straighten your hair, it leaves it feeling soft and smooth.  The product is a humidity resistant balm, working as a heat protectant.

A little of this goes a long way.  Take a pea sized amount in your palm and warm up the product in your hands before applying it to your ends (don't apply it to your roots or close to your scalp).

So far I am loving this and feel like the product is living up to it hype.

I'm not one to use much product (or any) on my hair other than heat resistant, protecting products, so for me to use this is a big step.  But I would do anything to keep my hair in good condition.  Definitely going to continue using this and I am considering looking into their other products.



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