Friday, December 2, 2011

GOSH Cream Blush - Peachy Rush

I have been working on building up my blush collection for the past half year now, and I can say that I have honestly loved being able to play around with blush colors.  I didn't know adding just a bit of blush to your cheeks can make such a difference when it comes to makeup.

When it comes to an effortless look, cream blushes really do their job.

I was lucky enough to have a wonderful friend from Canada send this GOSH cream blush to me during the last swap we had.

Peachy Rush is everything the name says it is, basically a pinkish peach tone that just gives an effortless, flawless, and beautiful glow to your cheeks (and lips).


The formula of the GOSH cream blushes are incredibly soft and silky, blending incredibly into the skin.  Using the warmth from my fingers just give for such a perfect and natural application, and this shade is just the perfect pop of color for an every day look.

The color of true to color from the pan, and a little honestly goes a long way.  Use a patting motion to apply on the cheeks and lips.  For being a cream blush, the application on the lips is not as drying as I would have expected (just remember to apply a bit of lip balm before hand and you'll be fine for the day).

Definitely going to try to get my hands on more of their beautiful cream blushes.



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