Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mario Basdecu Drying Cream

If you are familiar with me and have been following me on my blogs, you may know that the one skin care brand that i swear by (for me) is Mario Badescu.

I have combination skin, so the condition of my skin varies from day to day (which is quite annoying because I always have to be aware of what I'm using each for a specific treatment).

The one thing I am constantly doing to making sure I spot treat my blemishes whenever they do appear.  That way I can get rid of them quickly, and the situation doesn't get too out of control where more blemishes appear from lack of treatment.

The Mario Badescu Drying Cream is one of my holy grail skin care products.  This is basically an effective cream that dries up the breakouts and prevents out of control breakouts.  Basically working as a deep treatment.

I usually dab a little bit onto the problem area, making sure to pat it well into the skin, after I moisturize my face.  Then I leave it on overnight and rince my face the next day.

I can definitely notice a different in the size or appearance of the breakout after treatment.  It definitely it soothing and doesn't feel too harsh on your skin.  The cream works well for any type of skin (oily, combination, or dry).  I have quite sensitive skin and so far I have never reacted badly from the treatment.

Only use this as a spot treatment though, not an all over the face treatment.  Using too much of it, or in unnecessary spots can lead to skin irritation.



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