Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello Kitty Noir Compact Mirror

Other than the smaller mirrors that come with some of my compact powder foundations, I don't own an actual compact mirror for the tiny touch ups (or checking myself out) throughout the day.

Finding the right compact mirror has been pretty tough for me, because I did one that wasn't too bulky, but still enough to use see myself with and not extremely expensive.  I also wanted a magnified mirror as well as a regular mirror in the compact.

So when I saw the Hello Kitty Noi Compact Mirror in red on sale for $7.20 (originally $18), I grabbed it right away.  This is a collectible compact mirror with a metallic red finish that has the sexy, chic look to it.

It's small enough to be convenient to carry in any hand bag I have, and also features a regular mirro as well as a magnified mirror.

It also ha a nice weight to it, and you can tell that it was designed with the mind set that a girl will just toss this in her hand bag, so it's very durable.

Definitely going to love reaching for this while I'm out and about.




  1. So adorable. This post just reminded me I need to get a compact mirror for my purse :)