Saturday, January 7, 2012

This is the last Hello Kitty I purchased from the Sephora sale last weekend, the Hello Kitty Noir 5 Piece Brush Set.  I obviously did not buy these for the brushes, because I wasn't having high expectations of the brushes (since they are a bit small).  I mainly wanted to set this out on my vanity because it looked like a cute display without being too girly and cutesy.

The brush set comes in a sleek and matte black finishes with a big bejeweled bow.  All of the brushes in the kit are made from a synthetic bristles and are a a bit smaller than the average travel sized brushes.

The set comes with the following brushes:

- Face Brush: a bit small and works better as a blush brush or slight contour brush

-Eye Shadow Brush: works well as a blending brush

-Shader Brush: good crease brush

- Angled Brush: not great for precise lining, but works well for smokey shadows into lash line

- Lip Brush

The brushes are amazingly soft, but because the size of the brushes are a bit smaller than conventional brushes, you would Have to use them different than what they were intended for.

This set is valued at around $55, but with the sale I paid around $25 for it.  I find that I got a great deal on it, and it really does sit very nicely on my vanity without being too out there.



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