Monday, January 16, 2012

Urban Decay Mini Lip Junkie in Naked

This mini Lip Junkie came with any order of the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.  So instead of the mini Primer Potion, they decided to change thins up and included a lip gloss instead.

The Urban Decay Lip Junkie is a super shiny gloss that is suppose to be soft and smooth.  It also has a refreshing scent and taste to it, kind of like mints (which makes it quite different from other glosses).

Naked is just a neutral pink that is suppose to be versatile with any eye look or outfit.  Easy wearing and works with almost any skin tone.

In all honestly I kind of wish they just didn't include anything, primer or gloss, when it comes to their palettes.  Just because I have so many mini Primer Potions (and I hate the packaging of them), and this gloss was kind of a let down.  If they didn't include anything with the palette, it could drop the price down a bit.

The gloss was too tacky for me, even though they advertise that it's anything but gooey or tacky.  I do however, like the convenience of the packaging, because it slips easily anywhere.  But, the formula does not feel nice at all on my lips.