Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mario Badescu Haul

After my last Mario Badescu Haul, I discovered that my mom is obsessed with the products in his line and that they really work for her.  We've been sharing the Drying Mask, and she really enjoyed how it left her skin feeling after a few uses.

So because she enjoyed it so much I decided to pick up her own full sized container of the Drying mask, just so she doesn't have to ask me to use it every time she needs it.

What's great about the Mario Badescu line is that they love letting you try there products, so along with every order you get to choose three decent sized sample products to see how it works for your skin.

My whole order for my mom consisted of the following:

- Drying Mask
- Cucumber Tonic Mask (sample)
- Healing & Soothing Mask (sample)
- Drying Cream (sample)



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