Thursday, January 12, 2012

MUA Eye Shadows

We all know finding very affordable makeup that is comparable to higher end brands that drain our wallets is likes finding a needle in a haystack at times.  Yes there are some drugstore brands that are great for being drugstore prices, but is the quality that comparable?

I find myself lucky enough to get my hands on some of these MUA eye shadows (which are available exclusively to the UK only) through a great friend that I had developed a relationship with in the online beauty community.

Shade 19

Shade 19 is a matte finish that is a deep brown with a very subtle deeper purple undertone.  It's the perfect outer crease color for a smokey, sultry look and also makes as a great liner for the eyes for that natural smokey liner look.

Shade 14

Shade 14 is a deeper forest green with a slight pearl finish.  It's a beautiful green with undertones of greys and browns, making it very unique and beautiful.  Not only is it beautiful int he outer crease, giving you a change from blacks or browns, but I like to use it to blend out my black liners.

Shade 11

Shade 11 is the perfect bronze with a pearly finish.  This is absolutely gorgeous all over the lids for that sultry look that's to die for.

Shade 17

*There is no swatch of shade 17 because it just looks just barely darker than my natural skin tone.

Shade 17 has to be an essential color for any makeup lover to have in their collection.  It's a matte, natural, nude brown that is very reminiscent of Urban Decay's Naked.  It's the perfect transition and blending color for the crease because it's matte and just creates enough depth to make your eyes pop.

Shade 1

Shade 1 is a light creamy color with a pearly finish, very similar to MAC's Ricepaper, amking it the perfect highlighter for the brow bone, inner corners, and top of the cheeks.

The texture and formula of the MUA shadows are just amazing.  It feels so silky and soft when applied to the lids and just blends like a dream.  The pigmentation of the shadows are also incredible, just a slight touch of the brush is all you need to get the perfect application and color.



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