Monday, January 2, 2012

Make Up For Ever Giveaway!!!! (CLOSED)

It's a New Year and what better to start off 2012 than a giveaway?!?!  Because it's a new year I wanted to share one of my favorite brands and product with you, the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in Number 15.

This beautiful Taupe color is perfect for any occasion and just wears beautifully on your eyes.  And because the quality of the cream is so amazing (no smudging or creasing and wears for hours on end), I wanted to share this with one of my wonderful blog followers.

This is just a Thank You for your support and a way for me to give back to all of you.

I’ll just cut the chit chat and get to the details of the giveaway.


1. Must be a follower of mine here on Blogspot (you can follow me by clicking on the follow button on the left hand side).

2. Must be a follower and friend of mine on (My Luuux Page)

3. Must leave ONE comment on THIS POST answering the following question: What’s your New Year's resolution?

4. Must re-post this on either your blog, luuux, tumblr, etc. (LEAVE THE LINK TO YOUR RE-POST IN THE COMMENTS ALONG WITH YOUR ANSWER).

5. Must be 18 or older (or have your parents permission to provide me your mailing address).

This giveaway is open to BOTH International and U.S./Canada residents and will last a week and a half (ENDING ON FRIDAY JAN. 13th).

Good Luck!!!

DISCLAIMER: This prize will be un-boxed since I did purchase it in a kit, however the product is still new, and unused.

FTC: This is not a sponsored giveaway.  I am not getting paid or receiving anything for hosting this giveaway, and everything was purchased with my own money.




  1. Thank you so much for the give away Eve that is beyond sweet of you to give away such a great prize!!

    *Here is a link to my blog post about the give away:

    *I have been a Friend/Follower on luuux for a long time and a follower on you blog for a while=)

    *My New Years Resolution is to manage my time better. I am so busy from the time I get up until the time I go to bed and although I manage my time Ok now. I need to be more efficient when balancing my time. I never feel like I accomplish everything I set out to in 24 hours Lol

    Thank you again for the give away girl!

  2. It's so kind of you to be holding once again another amazing giveaway let alone International too!

    I have followed your blog + i was allready a follower and friend of yours on
    (Nicole Mercedes)

    My new years resolution is to be the best mum i can to my little girl to be who is due in february, i really want to get a job and be able to give her the future she deserves, thats pretty much my new years resolution.

    Heres the link to my post on luuux:

    thankyou very much once again!

  3. First of all, thank you so much for the giveaway!

    My new year's resolution is to be more confident in myself. Starting high school, I found that I lost some of that confidence, so I hope to regain it and stay positive. ♡♡

    Link ::

  4. This is so nice of you to be hosting this giveaway!

    My post on my blog pertaining to your giveaway:

    I have been a friend and follower on Luuux for a while now (handle: Shannon ツ).

    I don't really make New Years Resolutions because I find a resolution is something people typically break. But my New Years achievement I have made for myself is something I have been doing for almost the past two years -- it's to continue with my weight loss goal and to achieve my ultimate goal hopefully by the end of the year. Outside of this I also want to find my dream job since my company did close at the end of August and it's been difficult ever since trying to find something since I continue to be told I'm over qualified. So those are the two things I have set out for myself to achieve and I'm being positive and thinking it'll be a good go.

  5. Thank you so so much for hosting this giveaway! This is so super sweet of you (:

    My post on luuux about your giveaway :

    I am a friend and follower, my name is : Emma Laurel

    I have a lot of resolutions, but the biggest is to be happy with myself, and also to get perfect skin. I know i won't get 'perfect skin' just my image of it. And also good school grades, etc. etc. Pretty stereo typical resolutions, but i still want to do it. As long as I am positive and happy (:

  6. I really only have one resolution and that's just to better myself; mind, body, and soul. Without feeling like a better person you can not achieve great things or be at your greatest. I think we all come to a point where there is this fork in the road where we don't know where to go or don't know what to do. But when you know yourself and are content with yourself and the decisions you make any road can be taken as long as you have your head placed where it should be, on your shoulders. ;) anyway happy new year to you and thanks for this giveaway & please return the love and follow =)

  7. Thanks for the giveaway Eve :D 1. I'm a follower and friend on Luuux 2. I'm a follower on Blogspot 3. My new years resolution to let things go and stop holding grudges. 4. 5. I have permission

  8. first off thank you for this giveaway and i have been a follower on luuux and your blog spot for some time now and i love all your posts:D
    my new years resolution for me will have to be one of the hardest things ever,staying positive. staying positive and not thinking the worse in things is not good for anyone and i have to admit im just sooo good at looking towards the negative so i set this goal for myself just in time for new years and so far its turning out good:D
    heres the link to the post:

  9. Thank you for always doing great giveaways for your followers! You are really the greatest person!
    I am a friend& follower on Luuux - Elena T.
    My New Years Resolution is to have a healthiest life and to try to strenghten my immune system (I'm getting sick really often lately and for that I'm feeling really crappy and with no energy at all). So this will be my main resolution.
    I reposted about the giveaway here:

  10. Hey Eve! This is a great giveaway, especially for those who have never tried MUFE before! Thank you! My Luuux name is: ❀Lisa Le❀ and I am both a friend and follower!
    My New's Year Resolution is to take better care of myself. I have been buying a bunch of multivitamins and have been trying to drink lots of milk regularly (no matter how nasty it tastes). I am trying to take better care so I wouldn't have to worry so much in the long run. It isn't much but I feel like doing something is better than nothing.

    My repost is:

  11. Thanks for the giveaway :D
    My new years resolutions are :
    -watch my diet
    -exercise more
    -do better in school
    -spend more time with my family
    -spend less $$
    -experience new things

    My repost:

  12. Eve, this is such an amazing giveaway item! I've been wanting to try any Makeup Forever product so it would be awesome if i won this!

    Anyways, one of my main new years resolution is to have more family dinners with my family because it seems like everyone is too busy to find time to sit down and have a nice dinner together. One of my other new years resolutions is to make more time for my friends. I usually get so consumed with work and my homework that i put my friends aside. I would like to at least go out with my friends once a week to have dinner, shopping, watch a movie, or do whatever as long as we can spend time together.

    My Luuux name is the same as my other ones (Jenny Chin).
    Here is the link to my repost:

  13. thanks for hosting such nice giveaways! :D
    My new year's resolution is to do well in school and to be more active in school.

    I'm followed and friends with you on LUUUX as Jessica :]
    My repost of your giveaway: