Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NYS Round Case Lipsticks

You can always find NYX lipsticks on sale at Ulta or Cherryculture.com, and because the quality fo the lipsticks aren't bad for the price, I wanted to share a few swatches of the NYS Round Case lipsticks that I have in my collection.

For the price, these lip colors are pretty impressive.  They have a very velvety, soft texture that is suppose to be formulated with smudge free formula and be long lasting.  They do have a very nice sheen finish to them, making them pretty moisturizing and the pigmentation very rich and creamy.

Spellbound is a bold berry pink.  It has a slight shimmer to it that's not too noticeable on the lips and is perfect for colder seasons.

Fig is a beautiful neutral pink that is one of my favorites.  It's easy to wear and just looks beautiful with any skin tone.

Heather definitely looks like a deeper color when swatched than in the tube.  It's more of a warm rose color with hints of brown.  Pretty hard for me to pull off, but when applied lightly it can be worn easily.

Jupiter is a beautiful soft and light pink with an amazing sheen finish.  I love wearing this shade for daytime looks that I want to amp up and bring life to without being too bold.

Saturn is a true rosy red with hints of brown that is not my absolute favorite.  But when patted on the lips lightly I can make it wearable with a nice gloss for balance.

Heredes looks darker when applied than when you look at it in the tube, but it's a rosy nude that can be pulled off more easily than the other rosy colors from the collection.

The only negative thing about the NYX Round Case lip colors is that they are pretty slick, so they are easy to apply, but they are not long lasting at all.  But for the price that can be over looked.  I would recommend you purchasing these in stores so you can swatch them for yourselves and see them true to life than relying on online swatches.



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