Thursday, January 5, 2012

Henri Bendel Wild Fig Body Lotion

This Henri Bendel Wild Fig Luxurious Hydrating Body Lotion was one of the last gifts sent to me by one of my overly generous friends from California.

I was absolutely shocked when I saw this in my package, because I have not seen any Henri Bendel products in stores here in Chicago, so I've never had the opportunity to try out their products.

This is the Wild Fig Luxurious Hydrating Body Lotion, which is rich in sweet almond and avocado oil (making it extremely nourishing for the skin).  It's also formulated with Vitamin E, which helps with improving the texture of the skin and silk proteins, making the skin feeling soft and smooth.

I am absolutely obsessed with body lotions, seeing that my skin is always extremely dry after a shower, however it's always so hard to find the perfect body lotion that doesn't irritate my skin, or feel too greasy.

I am in love with the Henri Bendel body lotion, and I think this is going to be my newest addiction.  This came just at the right time, seeing that my skin just gets so dry in the Winter.  The smell is amazing, reminding my of wildflowers, without being too overwhelming.  The texture is very light, and it just absorbs into the skin immediately.  Definitely going to be sad once this runs out.



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  1. Would you be so kind as to ask your friend where she purchased this? I've worn this lotion for over 5 years and even though Henri Bendel has re-released it, I prefer what Bath and Body Works use to sell much more! And I cannot find it anywhere but Ebay, which is limited on the body lotions. =)

    I'm OBSESSED with the stuff. (obviously, ha ha)