Friday, January 13, 2012

MAC Technakohl in Brown Border

I have never tried MAC eye liners before, so receiving one of MAC's Technakohl liners as a gift for the Holidays was quite a treat.  This technakohl liner in the shade Brown Border was a part of the MAC Holiday collection from the Iced Delights Eye Bag.

Although it was a part of their holiday collection, I believe Brown Border is a part of their permanent range of colors from the technakohl line.

Brown Border is a medium, dark brown liner that is very warm.  You can never go wrong with medium brown liners such a Brown Border because it does bring a softness to the eyes that is different from black liners.  A more effortless look that still brings out some definition to your eyes.

The liner is quite soft and I found the application to be very smooth.  It is a twist up liner, which I am not always fond of, but I won't complain since it has worked so well thus far.  It's pretty long wearing, but mind you that you should let it set before expecting long wear from it.



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